Basic Guide for companies: Producers, Distributors, wholesalers and retailers of Mercosur.

What do you need to export?

 Next, we enumerate some aspects in order to obtain a successful export.

1 - Export régime: Determinate which are the requirements to export, as if the product to export is beneficiary of some special quality.

2 - Services information: Select the outside commerce service companies that are going to take part in the operation: employee, loads, banks, etc. and to gather together data about costs and services that they offer. Also you have to count on how are these companies positioned in the market, about their professional seriousness, because is worthless a good price if the service is not good.

3 - Statistical data about exportations of the product that you want to place in the outside: Analyze the exports of similar products, with destinies, exporters and accounts. To get this information you have to know the “tariff position of the product”, which means the duty number with which it is classified that kind of merchandise and by which you can get these data.
4 - Import régime of the receiver Country: know which the requirements are to enter in the destiny market. It is advisable to have at least three or four markets to compare advantages and facilities that they offer to the exporters in general.

5 - Statistical data about similar products shipments to the destiny market: this way lets you know the competence and the way it enters.

6 - Information about the markets: Determinate the possibility of selling the product in that market. For example: although you have a competitive product in price and quality, it might happens that they don’t let you in because of the existence of some duty barrier. 

7 - Information about Foreign Trade: Present some advising and show the business inside a global frame.

8 - List the potentialities buyers: determinate the seriousness of our buyer or salesman through official means or through companies that offer this service.

Where obtain exports data.

1. Export duty régime: Duty, Foreign Trade Professional, Foreign Trade duty employees, Export.Ar foundation, etc…
2. Services information: Services companies and foreign trade advisers. 
3. Importation régime of the receiver Country: Each Country embassy where you want to export
4. Statistical data about similar product importations in the destiny markets and information about those markets: Studies or market profiles made by Export.Ar or by publications about export and import activities that the destiny Country has.
5. Foreign Trade information: argentinian embassy, international chambers, Internet, etc.
6. Distributors and commercial product guides: embassies, list pf potential buyers that come out from statistics, studies, and other information.

There are some kind of requirements which fulfillment probably help to the successful of the export:
1.Visit this import Country by your own, participating in fairs and exhibitions. That will let you identify buyers, evaluate the potential demand, get familiar with the characteristics of the new market, contact commercial agents, distributors and salesmen.
2. Know and respect the requirements of the import Country as well as the government rules.
3. Place on charge of the export orders to a person familiarized with the import Country language, who can answer with no waste of time to the potential customers.
4. Satisfy the necessity and requesting of the importer on time and maintaining the promised.

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