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Selling or buying stocks.
Advices to be a good broke

Learn how to invest is not an easy work. It requires studies, a good adviser, a global investment long period plan, action time, the tolerance of knowing that you will not always win, and attention to market changes, which make a stock rise or go down immediately, and in a blink we are out of business.

The main rule in Stock Market is: invest to earn Money. To make that happens you have to buy stocks in a reasonable price and sell them to a bigger price. That´s why we should take advantage from the moments where the Exchange is declining to buy and sell when it is going up. Although it seems easy, it is not easy at all, because nobody can assure if the purse will go up or down.

There is no ideal moment to sell or buy stocks in purse, says Ortiz. It is a very special and personal decision, and based in many factors like: investment amount, time, risks to assume, predictions for the company. Unfortunately there is no prescription to invest in Stock Market.

Internal and external factors

There are many elements to take care in the fall of the Stock Market. For example, international crisis, conflicts, or political scandals. In the other hand, a stable economical and political moment, take risks to decline.

“There are many different influent elements in Stock Market falls –said Ortiz- For example: any fact or condition that may be seen by the invest men like a threat to the value of the stocks. Could be something as simple as the existence of one only “Mad Cow” for the meat companies to fall, or something even worst than 11th/Sept/2001. Anyway, there are more visible factors like wars, presidential elections, financial crisis, valuation, etc…”

As we said, in Stock Market you can´t always win, so we have to study very well what kind of investment is more convenient. Some specialists recommend making a long time investment, and so avoid speculation investments which look for greats profits in shorts periods of time, to have a good recovering chance from probable loss. Ortiz explained that “Everything depends of each invest man plan. Factors that determinate the time are: duty treatment (In USA long time investments have preferential treatment), risk to assume, other investments, investment objectives, etc…”

We all can invest

The objective of many people is get profits from the Money they saved. That´s why, many of them decide to invest in Stock Market. But before giving that step, it´s important to know very well the process that is to be followed. In Stock Market, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.

Alejandro Ortiz Works for Gardere Wynne Sewell, and works as advocate in New Cork and México, he´s specialist in debt emission and explained that: “Every person can invest in Stock Market through a brokerage house. To invest, a person has to make a broker contract with the house he has chosen, this house will collect a duty on his name. Each brokerage house has its own duty, and offers different alternatives, like letting the broker buy and sell through Internet. Like so, the brokerage house contract could le them, if the brokers want, decide to buy and sell without the broker´s agreement.”

by Rodrigo Lastreto, Univision Online


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