Basic Guide for companies: Producers, Distributors, wholesalers and retailers of Mercosur.

Optimization and Positioning of your site

What is optimization?

We call optimization of the web sites to the friendly and dynamic design, for the visitors as for the finder pages. That design must fulfill with the parameters recognized in internet. The most important of optimization is that every page of your site is in harmony with the product that you are selling.


Positioning means to get out from the ostracism of the last put to obtain to be between the first, according to the most excellent phrases to sell in your site
What we do is not to cheat to the finder pages, what we do is to detect which is your market niche, and thank to the tools we have we reach in a prudent period of time and with a serious and dedicated work, that the finder page recognizes thoroughly your site and considers it important.
We do all of this with your help and support, if you have a good product, whit a niche in the market, or a successful way of commercialization, and the only thing left is to promote your product, then connect us.