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Sale - Recommendations on Selling

by Ivan Thompson

In this article, we focus in the 4 basic steps to make sell presentations (suggested by different experts in this issue), that consist in a process of softly fluidity (from the entrance until the end) and that could be implemented in your own personal, phone, e-mail or web sales activities.


Now, let´s see what these 4 steps are about:

Step 1 - Attract costumer´s attention
Are too few the persons that wake up thinking in buy something, most of the people has other things in mind (family business, job troubles, the school, the kids, the accounts…) So, if you want to be successful in your sales you need to attract the attention of your potential customer to what you are offering, it means to brake a barrier called indifference.

For that objective there are some basics techniques, which we will see:

Do fulfilled and praises: Most of the people is sensible to sincere flattery about their company, office, skills, academic trajectory, hobbies or any particular interest. For example in a web page that offer books about personal overcoming, you could include something like: “Congratulations because only those persons who wish to overcome everyday, increasing their knowledge, have entered in this page, and you are one of those…”In the case of a salesman who visits some leader company manager you could say: “Mr. Pérez, it is an honor for me to be interviewed for the manager of a leader company like you…”

Say thanks: Most of the human beings are sensible to someone sincere and spontaneous thankfulness.
For example in a personal visit form a salesman you can say: “Mr. Pérez, I want to sincerely thank you for giving me these minutes of your valuable time…” In the case that you are sending an e-mail, you can include this paragraph; “Mr. Pérez thank you for taking these minutes of your valuable time to read this e-mail”. In a web page that offers some product or service, it can you can include: “Considered visitor, we are very thankful that you have entered to the most complete marketing research web site in internet…”

Wake up the curiosity: Almost every human being is curious for nature. Think: When was the last time that you saw a TV novel just for the curiosity of knowing how it ends? To generate curiosity, you need to make questions or artifices (honest, not cheating).

For example: “Would you be interested in knowing how to earn more money using the 4 basic steps in a sale presentation?”, “Would you like to know a kind of business that lets you earn some extra money in your free time?”, Would you feel more sure if you could avoid the house robberies implementing a simple technique?”.

Present Facts: To do that you can compile important information related with the product or service that you are offering, so, make became that information in a phrase related with what the customer needs.
For example: “Mr. Pérez, I came to give information about how the sales have increased of three companies, in more than a 30%, just applying our suggestions based in the 4 steps for a successful sale”. Would you like to see the written testimonies of these companies?...”

If you are thinking in use this technique, don´t forget a very important recommendation: 

“¡ Present trustworthy information!”

I´m here to help you: Few persons are resistant to a gentle offering of help.
For example: “Mr. Pérez, I write you this e-mail to see if we can help you to increase the efficiency of your strength in sales; that´s why, we would like to do a previous diagnosis (absolutely free) to determinate how prepared are your salesmen…”
(Of course, after the diagnosis, a supply of seminaries, advising courses, etc… will be presented to improve the job of the salesmen, and that will have a cost).

Breaking news: Something that breaks schemes of many people and captures their attention is to have the feeling of meeting some breaking news; besides, that will represent them a benefit.

For example: “Mr. Pérez, I tell you that finally are edited in Spanish the 4steps to obtain successful sales presentations, and better than that is that it´s half priced, but only during the first week…” In a web page, you can include the following paragraph: “Finally, the 4 steps to obtain a successful sales presentation, edited now in Spanish half priced, just for this week”


Step2 - Create and keep the interest of your customer.
Once you have captured the attention of your customer (which usually don´t last), you need to create an interest that refers to what you offer and keep it enough time to end up your presentation. To reach that, we recommend the use of 2 techniques:

1st. Help your customer to identify and recognize that he has a need or that he is in front of a problem: Remember: No customer is going to buy unless he recognizes a need, whish or problem; and your function is to help him to find it, clear it and intensify it. To obtain this you can do the following: 

- Guide your customer: Make questions to him concerning to what he likes, what he dislike, his hopes, fears and troubles (everything related with what you are offering); so he can get by himself to the conclusion that he needs something, that he whishes some special thing, or simply that he has a problem.
Raise a need or a problem in third person: For that, you can make reference to some percentage of population or percentage of companies in a special heading, which have some need or common problem.
For example, to a businessman you can comment about a common problem to the 60% of the companies related to his heading (maybe that is happening to his company too).
To some housewife, you can mention a need that have most of the houses with kids… To some doctor, you can tell that a high percentage of specialists were claming for an “X” medicine… 
In every case, don`t forget to present trustworthy data.
2nd. Make some tempter suggestions about the way in which your product or service can benefit to your customer:
For example: in some personal interview you can say something similar to this: “Mr. Pérez, so long we agree about your company´s insurance against fire necessity, and precisely I`ve got the best option in insurance and reinsurance against fire, Would you like to know what are they about…? In a web page case or an e-mail, you can add the following paragraph (after the questions): “If you had answered with Yes to one or more questions, then it means that you need an insurance against fire like the one we are proposing to you…” 

Step 3 - Wake up the wish for having what you are offering.
In this stage, your main work is helping your customer to understand that your product or service is offers the satisfaction to his necessity or the best solution to his problems. For that, you can do the following:

-Explain in detail what is what your product or service do, how it works and what extra services it includes (guarantee, terms of deliver, maintenance, etc…).

-Mention the most important advantages that your product has according to a similar one from the same heading (without mentioning your competitor´s name). It is also very necessary to present a list of the advantages of getting or having your product or service, and the disadvantages of not having it.

-Use the stronger benefits your product offers. For example, a housewife doesn´t buy a washing machine, she buys what the washing machine does for her: Save effort in washing, get more time to be with her kids, the care of her hands, cleaner clothe, etc. Another and simpler example remembers us that nobody buys a driller but the hole that it makes in a wall. And those are the benefits (what the product makes for your customer) that wake up the interest to what you´re offering.

Step4 - Take your customers attention to the action and closet the sell. We got to the last step. You can´t say this is the most important one because is a consequence of the 3 previous steps. Anyway, is the definitive part because it produces what we were looking for: “Obtain the order of purchase”.

This is a moment in which exist two points of view:

-Your customers point of view: He´s evaluating if the benefits of your product are going to satisfy his necessity or problem, and besides, he`s comparing the advantages and disadvantages of having or not having your product or service.
-Your point of view: That considers that this is the opportune moment to help the customer to decide for the buy and to persuade him to act without wasting of time.
Some techniques of closing advise the following:
-Avoid a pressure atmosphere: Don´t insist too much, it will finally irritate your customer. -Establish reasons to buy: Based in facts and benefits that satisfy necessities or solve problems.
-Ask for the order of purchase: After you presented the facts and benefits, nothing more logical than asking for the order of purchase, right? For example: “Invest in your comfort now and enjoy the best service immediately…” “Solicit it right now and enjoy the reading in a few minutes…”


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