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How to sell in Internet

¿You have finally decided to sell your product or service by Internet?

Consider the following practical tips to get the most out of your electronic sales.

by Laura Martínez Ruiz-Velasco


With so many websites appearing everyday, it becomes hard to excel. That´s why count on with a website, is only the first step to a successful net marketing.

You may have the best website in the world, but if the people doesn´t know it or doesn´t know how to get to it, it is worthless.
Jay Conrad Levinson, columnist from the Entepreneur Magazine and co-author of the books Guerrilla Marketing Online and Guerrilla Marketing Online Weapons, offers the following basic tips to succeed and not loose in the crowd.

1. Choose carefully your website´s name. The website´s name is very important. Try to choose an easy to remember, to write and to pronounce name.

2. Promote your website in chats. Enter to some Chat rooms in line frequently and try to talk about your site as much as you can. You can offer free advises in your subject. To build strong relationships that in the long time will help you to generate business, do as much as you can to reach direct interaction with the internet users.

3. The content means all: Keep in mind that the content build up your site. Never compromise the quality of your content, because that is what attracts people and make them visit you frequently.

4. Take it easy. One of the most common errors committed by managers is to full throw the website at the first time, generating pressure, trying to sell the product or service everytime. Internet is a very good promotion place, but nobody wants to feel bombed with selling information. People appreciate, before any other thing, a delicate touch.

5. Always promise something new. Your website must constantly promote “what is new”, so the users come back to him once and again. Keep new and get better your website every time, from the first day.

6. Offer contents to other sites: The electronic bulletins and the magazines in line are always looking for new information. One of the best ways to create presence in the net is through the permanent contact with other websites or publications. 


7. Answer quickly. If the people visiting your site ask you for information try to answer in 1 or 2 days maximum. If you don´t answer quick you could loose them for ever. A quick answer is a necessary factor to retain your visitors and make them come back to your website.

8. Don´t complicate: When you interact in line, the brevity must be the rule. Learn to talk in short and concrete phrases so nobody waste time.

9. Be patience: Probable you will not see immediate results. Do not disappoint if the people don´t response soon.

10. Relate your website with similar ones: As much outcomes and links as better it is. Look for free links in so your visitors have more options (try to get that other sites promote your). It is possible to offer hundred of links, but make sure that those you include attract your public.

11. Be constant: Do not expect for successful results if the sell of your business in the net is not too frequently. Keep a constant presence to build a solid and serious reputation in Internet universe.

12. Announce your website in other media: If you announce through magazines, columns in newspapers or other kind of printed publications, make sure of including your e-mail address.

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